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La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Cycling
1 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Cycling
La Rosiere Village -  Mountain Biking
2 of 25 La Rosiere Village - Mountain Biking
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Walking
3 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Walking
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Walking
4 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Walking
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Mountain coaster
5 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Mountain coaster
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Mountain coaster
6 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Mountain coaster
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Tennis
7 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Tennis
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Tennis
8 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Tennis
La Rosiere Village (©Julien Gaidet) - Cycling
9 of 25 La Rosiere Village (©Julien Gaidet) - Cycling
La Rosiere Village (©Julien Gaidet) - Mountain Biking
10 of 25 La Rosiere Village (©Julien Gaidet) - Mountain Biking
La Rosiere Village (©Propaganda73) - Walking with St Bernards
11 of 25 La Rosiere Village (©Propaganda73) - Walking with St Bernards
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Walking
12 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Walking
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Trail running
13 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Trail running
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Mountain biking
14 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Mountain biking
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Cycling
15 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Cycling
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Walking
16 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Walking
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Trail running
17 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Trail running
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Climbing wall
18 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Climbing wall
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Cycling
19 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Cycling
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Ice rink
20 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Ice rink
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Ice hockey match
21 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Ice hockey match
La Rosiere Resort (©RogerMoss) - Ice hockey match
22 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©RogerMoss) - Ice hockey match
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Village centre
23 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Village centre
La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Village centre
24 of 25 La Rosiere Resort (©OTLaRosiere) - Village centre
La Rosiere Village (©Julien Gaidet)
25 of 25 La Rosiere Village (©Julien Gaidet)

La Rosiere

Located at an altitude of 1850m, between Mont-Blanc and the Tarentaise valley, La Rosière boasts stunning views of the mountains.

Why La Rosiere village?

The Petit Saint-Bernard pass route opens from June. At an altitude of 2,188m, it marks the border between France and Italy. In summer, visitors can drive or cycle to the pass from La Rosière, but in winter the pass can only be reached on skis, via the slopes of the Espace San Bernardo. Once you enter the pass, you cannot help but admire the beauty of the landscapes and quickly realise that the site has been the backdrop for many important historic events.

Thanks to its cross-border position, the pass has been considered a strong strategic foothold since earliest Antiquity, both as a site for discussions and a site for conflicts. Today, however, the border control building is empty and the customs officers are long gone! Visitors can look around the Chanousia botanical gardens, stroll through the Cromlech − which dates back to the Neolithic period − or enjoy a meal at the Petit-Saint-Bernard hospice.

Only 8km from the Italian border, the Savoyard resort greets you with a warm welcome. La Rosière is a gateway to Italy, the Aosta Valley/La Thuile. The Aosta Valley (Italy) boasts delicious gourmet cuisine and a wealth of cultural adventures courtesy of the Italian neighbours. Despite being such close neighbours, the Tarentaise and Aosta Valleys have each managed to preserve their unique culture. From your base in La Rosière, you can explore the rich heritage of these two stunning valleys.

Must-visit places in the Aosta Valley in summer
La Thuile - located at an altitude of 1,441m, it is the first Italian village you encounter after crossing the Petit-Saint-Bernard pass. Encircled by the Ruitor and Mont Blanc massifs, this village is an authentic Italian village. The houses and buildings are made from wood and stone, and the roofs are covered with characteristic “perdre” flagstones, which can only be found in the Tarentaise and Aosta Valleys. A town with a very sweet tooth, La Thuile was elected the “Town of Chocolate” in 2009.
Courmayeur - at an altitude of 1,224m, the “Italian Chamonix” is one of the mountaineering and skiing capitals of the world, a resort town renowned for Mont Blanc, its water and its history. Through the town centre runs the bustling “Via Roma” upon which sits the striking Casa Delle Guide. This characteristic building houses the Duca degli Abruzzi Alpine Museum, a treasure trove of documents, relics and equipment from epic mountaineering adventures through history. See The Skyway: visit the south face of Mont Blanc up to “Punta Helbronner” at an altitude of 3,452m thanks to this brand new cable car with pivoting cabins.
Pré-Saint-Didier Thermal Spa (Italy – 30km) - recharge your batteries in the hots springs of Pré-Saint-Didier, in the shadow of Mont Blanc. Built in 1834, the spa’s pools collect thermal water that springs from the mountain at a temperature of around 37°, as pure as it was 1,000 years ago. The spa offers around thirty treatments (3 outdoor thermal pools, saunas, Turkish baths or steam rooms, hydro-massage jets and waterfalls, aromatherapy, panoramic and chromatic relaxation rooms, sensory rooms, etc.). Relaxation and wellness with stunning views of Mont Blanc, an ideal place to get away from it all.
Aosta - also known as the “Rome of the Alps” thanks to its abundance of visible and well-preserved remains: Arch of Augustus, Porta Prætoria, Roman Theatre, the Forum’s Cryptoporticus, etc. This town, which is surrounded by towering peaks (Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and the Gran Paradiso) is at the junction of several valleys and is linked with France via the Petit-Saint-Bernard pass and Switzerland through the Great-Saint-Bernard pass.

Interested in buying an apartment in La Rosiere? See our Buying in the Alps section 

Top summer activities to experience in La Rosiere

Please note Peak Retreats do not book any activities and most activities are payable.

La Rosière Multi-Activity Pass
The standard Activ’été Card grants you unlimited access to the lifts and ice rink, as well as a choice of different activities to suit your mood. This card also gives great discounts on-mountain activities in and around La Rosière, and even into Italy! 

Cards are personal and grant the holder the following:

  • Unlimited access to the ice rink (including skate hire)
  • Unlimited PEDESTRIAN access to the lifts
  • 1 cinema entry
  • 1 archery taster session (30 minutes)
  • 1 game of bowling (shoe hire not included)
  • Priority access to Tourist Office-organised activities* (street golf, football, table tennis, pétanque, disc golf)
  • Plus a multitude of discounts through our partners in and around La Rosière and in Italy!

Lac du Repos
The Lac du Repos is located at Plan de l’Arc. A unique space between nature and leisure for young and old. Perfectly laid out, this lake is equipped with spaces and activities (skatepark, slide, climbing boulder, multi-sports ground). Tables and barbecues offer the possibility to have lunch on-site in this idyllic setting.

La Rosiere Mountain Coaster 

Embark on a 700-metre downhill circuit of single-rail sledge composed of slope breaks, a footbridge, a spin, at a speed of up to 45km/h. The ascent is by sledge, through the woods. Every day from 10am to 7pm in winter. The sledge departure is located at the station entrance parking lot next to the roundabout.

Mountain biking in La Rosiere
Two MTB schools hire out equipment (bikes and protective gear) and organise guided bike rides with qualified instructors.

Whether you are on a cross-country bike (XCountry) or electric mountain bike, you can explore the Petit-Saint-Bernard pass along trail No.8, which goes past the Fort de La Redoute Ruinée (accessible via the Roches Noires chairlift) or go on a ride around the commune’s hamlets and chapels on the village trail. You could also go a bit further afield on the Moulins trail, or the more challenging Suée trail, where you will pedal past the high-altitude chalets in Putétruit, Plan Pigeux and Le Vaz.

La Rosière’s MTB area, also known as the Bikezone, is made up of 5 downhill trails (1 blue, 2 red and 2 black) and 6 XC trails (4 blue, 1 red, 1 black) which allow you to admire the unique panoramas of this exceptional mountain balcony and the charming villages of Montvalezan-La Rosière, not forgetting the stunning Ecudets forest. La Rosière’s Bike Zone can be accessed using the Roches Noires and Ecudets chairlifts (open every day except Saturday).

Cycling in La Rosiere
The roads in and around La Rosière are perfect for cycling. Every summer, thousands of cyclists ride across the Petit-Saint-Bernard pass, located just a few kilometres outside of the resort. This mountain pass, at an altitude of 2,100m, is a much-favoured route into Italy and the Aosta Valley. The road up to La Rosière from Séez is also a fantastic climb. Follow the pink signs from Séez for a 15km uphill challenge! There is a timed race up the mountain every Friday in the summer season.

Trail running in La Rosiere
Follow the permanent 22km trail running itinerary with a 1,500m uphill climb, which passes through the villages of Montvalezan-La Rosière.

La Rosiere Hiking
La Rosière certainly deserves its nickname “Balcony of the Tarentaise”, with its breathtaking 180° views of the valley and Mont Pourri. In summer, La Rosière is a wonderful area to explore, with its mountain footpaths, high-altitude lakes, villages and alpine chalets. If you enjoy walking, there is a wealth of easily-accessible trails and footpaths.

La Rosiere 9-hole Golf course
Come and practise your swing on one of the highest golf courses in Europe! Located at an altitude of 2,000m, La Rosière-Espace San Bernardo golf course offers unhindered views of the Haute-Tarentaise Valley. A 9-hole course set among the bilberry bushes and marmot holes, this unique course will delight beginners as well as experienced players.

Whitewater sports
Choose the water sport that best suits your personality: rafting, canyoning, riverboarding, hot-dog or canoe raft, stand-up paddle. These are fantastic activities that can be enjoyed on your own or as a group or family and can be booked for the day, for the weekend or even for a full holiday.  

A trip into Italy!
The Petit-Saint-Bernard pass, which is a mere 8km away from La Rosière, is open usually from May to November (or whenever the snow has been cleared from the winter ski season!) and is a gateway into Italy. In just a few minutes, you can dive into another culture and a completely different atmosphere! Things to see in the Aosta Valley: La Thuile and its chocolate shop, the Ruitor waterfalls, Pré Saint Didierthermal baths, the Italian gastronomy, Courmayeur, the Roman ruins…it's all just around the corner from La Rosiere.

La Rosiere Plan de l'Arc Leisure Area
Located just after Les Eucherts Vieux Village, the Plan de l'Arc leisure area is fully-equipped for picnics and barbecues, with football and multisport pitches, a skate park and a children's playground. It boasts stunning views of Mont Pourri (3,882m) and the Haute-Tarentaise valley. Closed to traffic, it is a safe place for your children to play, and is perfect for picnics or for gazing at the view while your children have fun in the playground.

Try out Archery in La Rosiere
Test your precision and concentration with some archery lessons at the Plan de l’Arc. Tuition for children (age 7 and over) and adults of all levels with a qualified instructor. Equipment supplied.

Tennis courts
2 outdoor courts are available for hire, with magnificent views of the valley and Mont Pourri.

La Rosiere 'Le Kitzbühel' Bowling Alley
Bowling alley, pool tables, pinball and table football. Screening of sports events, live concerts and WiFi. Specially-equipped lanes and bowling equipment for ages 4 and over.

La Rosiere 'Too'n Ice Glisse' Ice Rink
La Rosère's 360m2 ice rink on the Place des Eucherts has tiered seating, a sound system and lighting effects. Double-bladed skates for tiny tots. Gloves and helmets are available to borrow.

Please note: All the above is for information only. For the most up-to-date activities including prices, please visit the resort tourist office website. All activities will be in local currency (€ Euros) and are bookable and payable locally in resort or directly online/by phone with the tourist office or activity supplier.

La Rosiere Tourist Office

La Rosiere après-ski, restaurants & bars

The après ski is reasonably quiet in La Rosiere with 30 restaurants and snack bars, some offering takeaway such as pizza. 

La Rosiere amenities

La Rosiere is served by a range of amenities including grocery shops, a bakery, butchers, a newspaper shop and a hairdresser. Additionally, there is a doctor's surgery, post office, bank/cashpoint, chemist, and laundrette.

A self-service service station is open 24/7 at the resort entrance, with payment by bank card.

There is a cash machine in La Rosière Centre (inside the Valaisan concourse) and a second machine in Euchert.

Carrefour supermarket (Les Terrasses)
Open everyday from 8am to 8pm. Supermarket and local Savoie produce (wine, cheese, cured meats, liqueurs), fresh bread all day long. You can also order online and they will deliver to your door.
Le Centre 73700 La Rosière-Montvalezan

Sherpa supermarket (Les Eucherts)
You will find everything you need at the Sherpa in Les Eucherts, just a stone’s throw away from your accommodation. Bread and pastry deliveries from 7.30am, newspapers, postcards, etc. Loan of raclette and fondue equipment. Fruit & veg. Fresh milk. Bread & croissants. Regional produce. Roast chickens.

Minor injuries
A first aid kit is available for use in the Tourist Office in the Resort Centre and Les Eucherts. The pharmacy is located in the centre.

Getting to La Rosiere, France

By road:
Distance from Calais to La Rosiere 610 miles (9hrs 15). Motorway A26 Reims, Dijon A6 Maçon A43/A430 Albertville. Main road N90 Bourg Saint Maurice and follow signs for La Rosiere.  NOTE: The Petit-Saint-Bernard pass is closed in winter! Listen to Autoroute FM (107.7 FM) for traffic news in English.

A self-service service station is open 24/7 at the resort entrance, with payment by bank card.

By rail: 
Take the Eurostar from London St Pancras (or Ashford, Kent). See our train services page for more information. The nearest train station to La Rosiere is roughly 10 miles away in Bourg St Maurice.

By air:
4 international airports nearby, however we don't book flights.

Chambery Savoie Mont Blanc Airport to La Rosiere is roughly 82 miles, approximately 1hr 45 mins
Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport to La Rosiere is roughly 130 miles, approximately 2hrs 30 mins
Geneva Airport to La Rosiere is roughly 131 miles, approximately 2hrs 40 mins
Grenoble Alpes Isere Airport to la Rosiere is roughly 127 miles, approximately 2hrs 30 mins

Private taxi transfers:
Private taxi transfers from airports and train stations are pre-bookable with Peak Retreats. See our airport & station transfers page for more information.

Car hire:
Peak Retreats can arrange very competitive car hire at all airports, train stations and other town locations. See our car hire page for more information.

News and Events 2024



  • Super Cleaners Day: 19th June 2024 -  take part in the major cleaning of the resort.
  • Montées Cyclo: 22nd June 2024 - want to ride along the same path as the winners of the Tour de France 2018? The Séez-la Rosière cycle climb is back this summer!
  • Last man riding: 29th-20th June 2024 - unique cycling race, is coming to La Rosière for an exclusive edition with an 18km course and 400m of ascent.
  • Wellness days: 7th-12th July 2024 - learn disciplines of wellness.
  • Bastille Day: 14th July 2024 - La Rosière celebrates 14 July with a DJ set and fireworks!
  • Trail of La Rosiere: 14th July 2024 - For its 10th edition, the Trail de La Rosière will amaze you! It will start from the Place des Eucherts and take you among the most beautiful landscapes of Haute-Tarentaise between Mont-Blanc and Mont-Pourri.
  • La Rosiere Wine and Food Fair: 19th-21st July 2024 - Wine Fair with its many producers, as well as the gourmet walks organised to discover local produce!
  • La Rosiere Band Camp: 29th July-3rd August 2024 - the Bands-Camp Academy is coming to La Rosière for a week 100% music! On the programme: help in developing musical projects for the stars of tomorrow, concerts and guitar initiation course.
  • Fete des Clarines and gathering of St Bernard dogs: 3rd-4th August 2024 - come and take part in the traditional festival of La Rosière on the theme of wood and clarinets. Savoyard music and Saint-Bernard dogs!
  • La Rosiere Bike Week: 12th-16th August 2024 - La Rosière presents its 100% cycling event: La Rosière Bike Week! It's THE bike week! A week dedicated to different cycling disciplines: downhill mountain biking, electric mountain biking, Vélocaching or road cycling.
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