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Disclaimer, Data protection, Privacy Policy and Cookies

Company Address

Peak Retreats Ltd
2.4 Central Point
Kirpal Road
Portsmouth PO3 6FH


0844 576 0170 (Calls cost 7p per minute + any network charges)

Opening hours

9am - 6pm Monday to Friday (7pm Sept-Mar)
10am - 4pm Saturday (some Sundays in January and February)


We have made every effort to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and all information is updated regularly. However, all holidays are subject to availability and may be subject to price changes prior to confirmation of your booking.
We take great care to ensure brochure and website accuracy but services and facilities may change or be withdrawn and information may change. Prices for holidays change frequently. Whilst we check regularly to try to ensure that holidays are available at the prices shown, we cannot guarantee the availability of any holiday or transport arrangement at an advertised price. However, the current price will be given to you before you confirm your booking. All prices are in sterling unless otherwise stated.


All agreements will be made in England and are governed by English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
Prices shown may change and are subject to availability.

Data-protection / Privacy Policy

Peak Retreats Ltd complies with the UK Data Protection Act 1998; We are registered data controllers under this act. We will retain details provided to us by you in order to enable your requests for bookings and information to be processed efficiently, to keep you informed of any relevant information relating to your booking and to analyse and understand better our customers' requirements. If you believe that we are storing details relating to you and that these are incorrect, please email us at and we will correct them as soon as possible. This information will be stored in a central database, controlled by our administrative staff and will be accessible electronically. Security measures are in place to ensure that our customers' data is not accessible by any unauthorised persons. However, persons such as IT systems suppliers may need to have access to the system from time to time. We may use the information you provide to tell you about other offers from Peak Retreats.


What is a cookie?
'Cookies' are small files that are sent to your browser, for example Internet Explorer. They are stored on your computer's hard disk and identify your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The International Chamber of Commerce lists 4 categories of cookies:
Category 1: Strictly necessary cookies. These do not require user consent because they are necessary to provide the user with the service they have requested. Their use must be related to a service provided by the website that has been explicitly requested by the user.
Category 2: Performance cookies. These collect anonymous information that is used to improve the performance of a website.
Category 3: Functionality cookies. These remember user choices, such as location, username, language and font size.
Category 4: Targeting cookies or advertising cookies. These deliver adverts relevant to the user based on the users browsing habits.

Of these only 2 of the categories apply to Peak Retreats:
Category 1: Strictly necessary cookies
These 'user input cookies' are used in forms, to remember previous actions. They are first party session cookies and store a unique identifier which enables details a particular user fills in on a form, to be saved and maintained across the multi-page form. Once the browser session is ended the cookie expires.
These do not require user consent because the service provided has been specifically requested by the user. None of the personal information the user enters on a form persists on their device once the browser session has been closed.
Category 2: Performance cookies
The third party Google Analytics tracking is added to every web page to collect anonymous data about how the website is used. View Google’s cookie policy. gives full details of how to manage cookies on different types of web browser.

The only personal information that is collected and stored by the websites is when the user explicitly requests, by filling out a form, that their information is stored. Everywhere else the data is anonymous.

You can, of course, choose to block these cookies but you may lose some functionality of the site. This can be done by changing the security settings in your internet options.

External links

All the external links displayed on the Peak Retreats website are to non ABTA member sites at the exception of those displayed on our Why buy ABTA page and of course to Please note that ABTA protection does not apply to non-member sites.

Financial security

In the unlikely event of our insolvency, any money paid to us would be refunded to you by ABTA or monies may be transferred to another ABTA operator with whom you make alternative holiday arrangements. Thus your money and your holiday are fully protected. Our financial bonding arrangements with ABTA comply with the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992. Peak Retreats is fully bonded with ABTA for ALL arrangements that it offers and therefore not only for packages but also for each individual component booked separately. This means that accommodation only booked with us is protected for instance (it is not with many operators in the same way as flights only are almost never covered). This goes well beyond our legal requirement derived from the Package Travel Regulations and is the only total guarantee.

Peak Retreats is fully bonded with ABTA but does not require to hold an ATOL license run by the CAA as these are only for operators who offer flight inclusive packages that we don't offer.

Booking contract

Peak Retreats clearly display the booking contract that you must agree to before we can accept your booking. This can be found on the How to book pages under Fair trading terms. 

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