Whether you’ve booked a romantic holiday especially for Valentine’s Day or you’ve booked the holiday and since realised it falls over February 14th, here are our top ways to add romance to your ski holiday…

1. Organise a delicious breakfast using local ingredients or head to the local boulangerie and buy some warm pastries for the special morning. 

2. Pack a flask with their favourite hot beverage to drink on the chairlift or after finishing a run together!

3. The snow is your canvas - use it to write a heartfelt message or something to make your loved one laugh!

4. Learn something new together! There's plenty of opportunities to try new activities in the mountains. 

5. Surprise them with a spa treatment! Many residences have on-site spas with pre-bookable treatments

6. Be peaceful - spend some quality time together inside curled up by the fire and read books together. 

7. Go exploring together! There's nowhere better than a mountainside to start an adventure. 

8. If you're travelling with friends you could opt for something more social. Make the most of the Alpine environment and opt for fondue double-date! 

9. For a truly romantic gesture... there's always childcare