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10 Things You Didn't Know About Les 7 Laux

image Monday, 13, February, 2023

The small, typically French resort of Les 7 Laux is situated in the Isère area of France, with great views across the Grenoble basin. Whilst lesser known by British skiers, it's a popular choice for French Families within the local area. We've put together a list of 10 things you might not know about Les 7 Laux, to help you decided on your next ski break destination! 

Les Granges des 7 Laux Accommodation in Prapoutel

Les Granges des 7 Laux Accommodation in Prapoutel


1. Founded in the 1960's

Les 7 Laux was founded in 1962, as a collaboration between 7 municipalities, with the collective aim being the development of incredible mountain sides. Technically, the resort was 'born' in 1971 following the construction of main access roads, and the installation of the ski area's first 7 lifts! 

2. It's made up of 3 villages

Prapoutel, Pipay and Le Pleynet are the 3 villages that make up the resort of Les 7 Laux. All with their own great qualities, each village is a hub of activity with shops and restaurants as well as exciting activities. 

Prapoutel is known for its views of the Grésidvaudan valley, and is the starting point for activities like snowshoeing, cross-country trials and downhill skiing areas. Considered to be the 'base camp' of the resort, Prapoutel sits at 1350m and is where you'll find the majority of accommodation in resort.

Pipay is on the western slope of Les 7 Laux, like Prapoutel, and sits at an altitude of 1550m. Also with amazing views of the valley, it's popular amongst the locals as it's directly in the heart of the ski area.

Le Pleynet dominates the wild valley of Haut Breda, and is considered the quiet spot of the ski area - it might be quiet but it's definitely not for the faint of heart! This area is known for it's black slopes that snake down the mountainside - it is also the home of the famous Vallons du Pra. 

View over Grenoble

View over Grenoble

3. Easy access

Although Les 7 Laux is a lesser known ski area amongst British skiers, this small, typically French resort can be reached in around 9 hours from Calais' Eurotunnel Terminal, with an easy drive of motorways nearly all of the way, up until the final climb into resort. Our ski holidays include a return Eurotunnel crossing for a standard car and we give you a free upgrade to the premium FlexiPlus service, except at some school holiday weeks, so you can enjoy the flexibility and amenities that the FlexiPlus terminal has to offer!

Grenoble Alpes Isère Airport is the nearest airport to the resort, one of the closes to a ski area you'll be able to find anywhere! Just a 35 minute transfer, it's the ideal place to fly into, to be able to get onto the slopes as soon as you possibly can!

Grenoble Train Station is just under 25 miles from resort, with plenty of transfer options, it's not hard to find your way up into Les 7 Laux.


4. Oakley Snow Park 

Les 7 Laux is home to one of the few Freestyle parks designed by the Oakley Brand. H05 is an eight-hectare snow park, located at 1900m, that is divided into four zones of differing difficulty, meaning the snow park is accessible and suitable for all levels! 

The resort has thought of all skiers, including freestylers, when installing this snow park. It really is an amazing playground to hone your skills and progress at your own pace. With it's own dedicated chairlift, the park is easily accessible, giving you the ability to learn and upgrade your skills and tricks again and again.

Oakley HO5 Snowpark

Oakley HO5 Snowpark


5. Highly rated

The resort comes with high praise, and is rated amongst the 5 best rated ski resorts in France, as well as being within the 15 most family-friendly resorts in France. This is based on the number of kids' parks and kid-orientated lifts, as well as value for money and percentage of beginner terrain. Whilst the resort is often deemed as geared towards intermediates, it does have great amenities for families with children. 

" [The Squirrel Route is] the perfect run for those finding their ski legs or, as in our case, the ideal run for an increasingly confident young skier who thinks that time on the slopes is 'the best thing ever'." Katja Gaskell for The Telegraph 


6. Great intermediate territory

The ski terrain often shocks visitors by how extensive it is; spread across two faces of the mountain, Les 7 Laux is a hidden gem amongst the French resorts. With the majority of the runs being red or black, this resort is a great intermediate and experts' playground. There's some amazing cruising potential in Les 7 Laux, with long blue runs like Coulemelle and Rosée des Près , or some great off-piste terrain in the ungroomed Vallons du Pra. Another great run for intermediates is that of the Roche Noire red run, which leads right down into Le Pleynet village - which is also home to the Wiz Luge Mountain Coaster!

7. Boardercross 

The snow park in Les 7 Laux also has it's own dedicated boardercross; 3km long and only for those with lots of experience, the raised turns, bumps and jumps are guaranteed to give you a thrill! Rated black level, this boardercross is great for those who are experienced, but always worth a watch when people are on it - you might see some amazing tricks.

For those less confident with their boarding skills, the snow park is also home to new snowboard hills, including a mini boarder called Crêt Granier - great to start them at a young age! 



8.Freeriders paradise

Les 7 Laux is a renowned spot for freeriders with almost 1000m of vertical for them to enjoy; the high-speed Gypaète chairlift leads you to the gateway of the Vallons du Pra freeride zone. The resort has one of the largest freeride ski areas in the Grenoble region, with multiple sectors that are marked, secured but stay ungroomed. 

The resort also runs freeride courses; to be able to enjoy the sport safely, you can take classes with instructors and mountain professionals that can teach you everything you need to know for good freeride practice. Even though these areas are secured, they need to be respected and only used in the right conditions - it's best to learn from the professionals!!


9. Top 3 of the most modern ski lifts parks in France

Rated amongst the top 3 of the most modern ski lift parks in France, Les 7 Laux has 22 lifts to its name. Although not a large number, the lifts are ultra-modern, with 90% of them having been renovated in the past 10 years. Lots of these updated lifts are high-speed, meaning you can get onto the best slopes quicker! 


10. Great kids runs

Although known for having great terrain for intermediates and experts, the resort of Les 7 Laux has kept in mind the families that might also visit, and created dedicated fun trails and slopes within the resort to keep the kids entertained! 

La Souchette green run is accessible using the Bouquetins chairlift on the Prapoutel side of Les 7 Laux and leads to The Taupe Trail, with various arches, wind chimes and interactive elements, this fun trail is great for families, young and old! It's a great area for beginners and children to develop their agility of their skis or snowboards, by enjoying the challenge that is the obstacles the whole way down the trail. Once you've conquered this trail, you can move to the more difficult Squirrels Course. 

The Squirrel's Route ​allows you to ski between Prapoutel and Le Pleynet. With 2 hours of non-stop skiing, the trail makes it feel the whole of Les 7 Laux ski area is your own! Mainly made up of green slopes, the Squirrel's Route is perfectly suited for beginners, and those still getting the hand of their skis, but want to try out a more challenging run. Along the route you'll find snow bumps, foam obstacles and wooden tunnels. Why not make a trip of it ang take a little mountain picnic with you to enjoy in the picnic spots! 

Squirrel's Route

Squirrel's Route

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