Have you considered driving to your chosen ski resort? Driving to the Alps adds a whole dimension of flexibility to ski holidays.

  • Flexibility with plans – create your own timetable, don’t rush to meet airline schedules, enjoy the journey!
  • Flexibility with packing – you can pack as much as your car allows (take all the ski gear you need)!
  • Flexibility once you’re there – with your car you can travel to other resorts, explore other towns, or visit nearby attractions!

It’s these added bonuses that make driving to the Alps an excellent option, especially for a family ski holiday.

Why use Eurotunnel?

Eurotunnel has been running since 1994. It “is used by 2.6 million cars and 21 million people every year” (Eurotunnel Group, 2016). Why? It’s the fastest way of crossing the channel, it takes just 35 minutes. Plus…

  • Up for 4 departures an hour
  • Motorway to motorway access
  • 1 ticket covers 1 car and up to 9 passengers
  • No baggage restrictions or fuel supplements

(Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, 2017)

In early 2017, Eurotunnel announced that they are building new FlexiPlus lounges. These will be accessible to all vehicles, including those with higher 4x4s and those with ski racks. The plan is for these to be ready in September 2017.



Eurotunnel FlexiPlus 

FlexiPlus Eurotunnel tickets give access to priority boarding, flexible travel times, and the exclusive FlexiPlus lounges. FlexiPlus lounges have complimentary French pastries, baguettes, tea, coffee, newspapers and Wi-Fi.
When you book your ski holiday and Eurotunnel with Peak Retreats, you automatically get a free FlexiPlus upgrade*! So you receive a premium service for the same price as a standard ticket.

* Excludes New Year and February Half Term weeks

5 Benefits of FlexiPlus

  1. Flexibility to travel
  2. Dedicated check-in lane
  3. Priority boarding
  4. Dedicated route on terminals
  5. Exclusive FlexiPlus lounge – where everything is complimentary including snacks (for up to 5 passengers per car) and WiFi


What do our clients say about FlexiPlus?

"We had arranged for the flexi plus ticket on the Eurotunnel crossing which is definitely worth it. On arrival to Folkestone, we had a quick stop in the flex plus lounge, packed up with sandwiches, crisps, drinks and we were on the next crossing. It was really so easy"
Mr S, travelled 11/02/2017

“Complimentary Flexiplus is a major differentiator vs. booking independently”
Mr M, travelled 10/02/2016

“FlexiPlus Eurotunnel ticket was very useful”
Mr B, travelled 02/04/2016

“We are really glad we used Peak Retreats, they were so helpful, it was so nice to have information sent through the post rather than having everything emailed! The flexi plus upgrade was amazing!”
Ms R, travelled 26/03/2016

“The flexiplus upgrade is a big draw, it worked seamlessly on the outbound although on the inbound there was a very long queue for UK Border Control since the flexiplus queue merged with regular traffic and there was some building work at the border posts - even on a quietish Monday evening.”
Mr L, travelled 26/03/2015

“The flexiplus upgrade was amazing - outbound we chose to sail straight onto a train due to our tight schedule. On the return we sailed past much of the queues at Coquelles and picked up a free packed tea.” 
Mr L, travelled 28/03/2015

"Flexi booking on the tunnel is worth its weight in gold"
Mrs S, travelled 15/02/2014

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