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Our Brochure 15/16

Online brochure

Alternatively there is now the option to view the brochure online if you prefer, as opposed to having a copy emailed to you. This will of course be quicker and allow you to access the online brochure immediately. Our 3D virtual page turning brochure opens on your browser (eg internet Explorer) so no special or downloaded software is needed to view our online brochures. See every page of the latest brochure exactly as it appears in print.

Winter 2015/2016

Online brochure
view here for online brochure winter 15/16

To create a mini brochure by downloading in PDF format, go to ‘Menu’ then Select 'Download a PDF' then select the pages you want then click 'Download Selected'. 5 pages PDF downloaded will be roughly 1MB. To download the whole brochure in PDF format will be roughly 19MB.

Please note that to improve download times we have reduced image definition and therefore quality. Download times will be fairly short with a broadband or cable internet connection but will be much longer using a dial-up connection with 56k modem.

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