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Press area

This area of the site provides materials for journalists. You can find copies of our latest press releases and details of who to contact for enquiries. 

Get the latest Peak Retreats press releases:


Winter 2014/2015 - SeptPress release for Winter 14/15


Winter 2013/2014 - Sept

Press Release for Winter 13/14


Winter 2010/2011 - Sept

Press Release for Winter Season 10/11 


Summer 2010 - March

Press Release for Summer 2010 


Winter 2009/2010 - Sept

Press release for Winter 09/10


Winter 2009/2010 - July

Press release for Winter 09/10


Summer 2009 - Jan

Press release for Summer 2009


Winter 2008/2009 - July

Press release for Winter 08/09


Winter 2007/2008 - Sept

Press release for Winter 07/08


Winter 2007 - July

Picture postcard skiing award winning French Alps Specialist


Summer 2007 - March

Press Release March 2007


All the above releases are in PDF format and should be quick to download.


  Media enquiries only:

Paul Ovington:


Direct Public Relations






0207 407 6884









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